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Full text of "Minutes of the ninety-ninth annual session of the Original Bear Creek Association"

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—of the— 

Ninety-Ninth Annual Session 
—of the— 

Original Bear Creek Association 

Held with the 

Sept. 18, 19, 20, 1931. 


Elder P. J. WASHBURN, Moderator Albemarle, N. C, Route 2 

T. A. HELMS, Church Clerk _ Marshville, N C 

H. M. BAUCOM, Assistant Clerk. ___ Peachland, N C 

M, N. TODD, Reading Clerk Monroe, N. C, route 2 

131^ Next session will convene with the church at Union Grove, Union 
County, N. C, Friday, Saturday and 3rd Sunday in September, 1932. 


1st. We understand that at whatever church this Association is being 
held, that it is being held solely under the authority of that church, just 
as any other regular or monthly conference. 

2nd, That the officers and suffrages of that church shall be the officers 
and voice of the Association, except as that church mav deem prudent 
to request any member of another church to assist in the business trans- 
action of the Association, 

3rd. This Association shall have no authority to pass upon any ques- 
tion of a disciplinary nature, except it has first been passed upon by the 
local churches composing this Association, then the worK of the church- 
es shall be recognized by the Association. 

4th. Any member who endeavors to bring it or inject a disciplinary 
question that involves fellowship, before it has been passed upon by the 
local churches, shall be considered out of order by the church with whom 
the Associati 'n is being held, and by the messengers present from the 
sister churches. 

5th. The Association shall be conducted for no purpose other than 
song, prayer and preaching services, and no business shall be transact- 
ed by the Association, except that which is necessary to set forth the 
Status of each church composing this body in the form of a minute. 



Article I. We believe in one living and true God, the Father, the Word 
and the Holy Ghost. 

Art. 2. We believe in the man Jesus being the first of all God's crea- 
tion and the pattern of all God's perfection in nature, providence, grace 
and glory, and in relative union with the divine word, and thus united 
with the whole Trinity. 

Art 3. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Tes- 
taments contain the only written revealed word of God, and are the per- 
fect rule of faith and practive for God's church in her militant state 
while here on earth, 

Art. 4. We believe in the doctrine of Election, that God chose His 
church in Christ Jesus before the world began. 

Art. 5. We believe in all mankind's apostacy by transgression in Adam, 
the federal head, 

Art. 6. We believe in the doctrine of original sin. 
Art. 7. We believe in the impotency of man to recover himself from 
his fallen state by his own free will and ability. 

Art. 8. We believe that sinners are justified freely by grace and be- 
fore God by faith in Christ and his righteousness only. 

Art. 9. We believe that God's elect or church shall be called, convert- 
ed, regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Spirit in due time. 

Art. 10. We believe that the saints shall persevere in grace and never 
really fall away. 

Art. 11. We believe that baptism andtheLord's supper are ordinances 
of Christ's appointment and that believers alone are the subjects of bap- 
tism and the only proper communicants of the supper: and that the mode 
of baptism is immersion, and that neither of the ordinances is to be alter- 
ed or changed by the inventions or opinions of men. 

Art. 12, We believe that no man as a minister has any right to the 
administration of any of the ordinances of the gospel except such as are 
sound in the faith of the gospel, regularly baptized, called of God and 
have come under the imposition of hands by a regular Presbytery. 

Art, 13. We believe in tne resurrection of the dead, both the just 
and unjust, and a general judgment. 

Art. 14, We believe that the punishment of the wicked will be ever- 
lasting and the joys of the righteous eternal. 



Introductory sermon was preached by Eld. PJ, Washburn. 

After an intermission of one hour the Association 
assembled in the house, and alter praise and prayer by 
Eld. Jesse Barnes, the church and invited messengers 
and visitors proceeded to business as follows : Eld. P. J. 
Washburn, pastor of Pleasant Grove church acted as Mod- 
erator and Bro. T. A, Helms, Clerk of Pleasant Grove 
church, acted as Clerk of this Association, who called in 
H. M. Baucum and M. N. Dodd to assist him. 
' 1. Inviced all orderly Baptists who are in good standing 
in their home churches to seats with us. 

2. Called for letters from sister churches which were 
handed in and read, and their status noted. 

From Pleasant Grove. _ whole church, 

From Watson. _ Gilbert Benton, David Helms, Eld. O. C. 
Mullis, H. N. Curlee, Alternate. 

From High HilL . M. N, Todd, S H Edwards, Geo. Helms, 
alternate, Vann P. Helms. 

From Lawyer's Spring . W A Dry, W E Jones, H M Bau- 
com, alternate, C P Griffin. 

From Union Grove . C R Hill, F L Baucom, TEPrivett 
F O Deese, alternate. 

From Bethel . - Represented by letter. 

From Meadow Creek . . W H Hatley, D M Hathcock. 

From Mountain Creek A J Deese, J C Miller, J E Russejl 

From Liberty Hill L C Blackwelder, J E Vanhoy, 
3. The pastor of Pleasant Grove church was authorized 
to appoint committees on finance and preaching, who in 
turn appointed messengers from each church as com- 
mittees on finance and preaching. 

4- Invited visiting brethren from sister Associations to 
seats as follows : From Dan River, Elder J R Wilson, W 
H Oaks, J T Jackson and J T Lewis. 

From Carolina Association ..Elder A N Green, S F 
Heath, J W Mayme and others. 

From Silver Creek Eld, R A May and wife. 

From Little River.. Elds. Jesse Barnes, G W Stevenson 
Bro R F Smith and others. 
5. Distributed Corresponding Minutes as usuaL 


6. On motion we take up correspondence with Silver 
Creek Association. 

Saturday Morning 

7. Met in house pursuant to adjournment, and after praise 
and prayer by Eld. J R Wilson, proceeded to business as 
follows : Called on finance committee to report: 

Reported sent up by the churches this year $70.00. 

8. On motion it was agreed to hold the next session of 
this Association with the church at Union Grove, com- 
mencing on Friday before the 3rd Sunday in Sept. 1932, 
and embracing Saturday and Sunday following, and that 
the officers of that church, be the officers of the Associa- 
tion, with privilege of calling in assistance, 

9. It is agreed to have 700 copies of these minutes print- 
ed and distributed as usual, and H M Baucom is requested 
to have the job done and that we allow him thirty dollars 
for same and for distribution of same. 

10. On motion it is agreed that we return thanks to God 
for His blessings to the people of the surrounding country 
for their hospitality during this meeting. 

Thus ended a pleasant and profitable session of this As- 
sociation, and we felt that it was good to wait upon the 
Lord and that our strength had been renewed, while many 
faces were wet with tears of joy, while the doctrine of the 
Lord dropped as the gentle rain, and His speech distilkd 
as the dew from the lips of His anointed servants. 

May the Lord keep us all humble and at the feet of God's 
little children, ever looking over each other for good, and 
not for evil. Amen. 

Eld. P. J. WASHBURN, Moderator 
T A HELMS, Church Clerk 
H M BAUCOM, Asst. c lerk 
M N TODD, Reading Clerk 

Order of Preaching 

Fri. A, M. Eld. P J Washburn, Introductory sermon 

' P. M. Eld. J T Lewis and Eld. G W Stephenson 

Sat. A. M. Elds. A N Green, Jesse Barnes, R A May 

Sat. P. M. Elds. C Mull is, W H Oaks 

Sun. A. M. Elds. I F. Jackson, J R Wilson. J T Lewis 

" P.M. Elds. WH Oaks and P J Washburn 


Namss and Addresses of RAinisters 

Eld. P J Washburn, route 2 Albemarle, N C 

" O C Mullis, route 2 Union ville " 

" J R Wilson, 213 Moss Street, Martinsville, Va. 

" C H White . . _ . Wadesboro, " 

"WE Benton Shallotte " 

"JT Jackson Bassetts, Va. 

" Jesse Barnes . _ . Four Oaks " 

" W H Oaks Dry Forks, Va. 

"JT Lewis Angier, 

"AN Greene . . Gastonia " 

' " G W Stevenson _ Benson 


Corresponding Letter 

The Original Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Association 
to our sister churches composing this Association and to 
our sister Associations with whom we correspond, Greet- 
ings : Dear Brethren, through the mercy of God, we were 
permitted to meet again in sweet fellowship and union in 
an Associational capacity. 

It is an association indeed when we can meet in love 
and associate with each other, all seeing eye to eye, and 
speaking the same thmg. 

We hope to thank God for the able gifts He has sent 
among us proclaiming the doctrine of a crucified and risen 

We are content with the plain Bible truths that were 
advanced bv the many precious gifts from the different 
parts of the country. 

Our hearts were glad to see so many visiting ministers, 
laity and friends coming from different parts of the country. 

We felt that it was none other than the House of God, 
seeing so much of His manifest presence. We ask your 
continued correspondence and presence with us. We 
also ask an interest in your prayers. 

The next session of this Association will D. V, be held 
with church at Union Grove, near Monroe, N. 

We are glad to say that our churches are all in peace, 
sweet fellowship one with another, and are satisfied to 
follow in the good old way. 

Submitted in love. 



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